Skohan Nightclub

Keskuskatu 8, 3rd floor, 00100 Helsinki Age limits Fri–Sat 20Opening hours: closed

Skohan is a nightclub situated in the heart of Helsinki, opposite to the railway station. Skohan consists of four distinct spaces – Club, Karaoke, bar and X Vip.

The restaurant is surrounded by a roofed and heated terrace that serves you all year round and artwork designed by Stefan Lindfors. Together with our professional staff, this versatile nightclub makes up the hottest club in town.


Club is the main hall of Skohan with an international atmosphere created by its sound system, decor and beautiful visual look. The big dancefloor, range of booths and table service makes it a place beyond compare in the nightlife of the city. The wide and versatile selection of products combined with our professional service offers a perfect setting for nights to remember. The roofed and heated terrace of the Club allows a wonderful view over the railway station.


With its capacity of over 300 people, DJ and changing singers, Karaoke offers a real party bash!


Cocktails, bubblies, pints and other drinks. Our bartenders conjure up your favourite classics as well as cocktails to suit your taste.

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